Blessing of Candles Ceremony
St Brigid's Day & the first day of Spring
Famine Cottages by Room 11
The Famine
Constructing 3D Shapes with Ms Smullen
3D Shapes Hunt with Ms Smullen
Christmas Disco
Christmas Doors!
Festive Fun Run
5th Class Christmas Art
Indoor Hurling Leagues
Snap Circuits with Room 8
6th Class Golden Time Football League
Friday Disco
Buddy Reading
Rowlagh Reads Roddy!
Cáca Bríoscaí Seacláide!
Snap Circuits in North Clondalkin Library
Table Cricket Match
Room 1 - Science Week Activities
Science Visit to Griffeen Community College
Calisthenics Workshop - Tymon Park
Table Cricket
Volcanic Fun!
Autumn Athletics in Room 16
Halloween Dress up Room 10 11 & 12
4th Class Bulb Planting
Mindfulness walk!
Our New Student Council
Maths Week in Room Two
Room 14 - Maths Week Games
Surveys and Data
Basketball Matches
New Equipment for Break Times!
Maths Week - Room 8
New Scooter & Bike Rack Shelter
Our 4th class mantra - Always try your best.
Space by Room 11
Maths in Ms Walsh's Class!
Crannógs - Room 10
The Structure of the Earth
School Meals Scheme
Indoor League Football Finals and medal presentation
4th Class School Tour
More photos from the Beach
Annual Beach Trip
5th Class Day Out in Griffeen Valley Park
6th Class School Tour
Ireland 0-1 Ukraine