Cross Country meetings start in February. There are four race meetings which culminate in a Dublin finals in Corkagh Park in May. 
Training takes place on Wednesdays from Halloween onwards from 14:40 p.m. - 15:10 p.m.
Gerry Martin has worked with every year group throughout the year. We hope to have his expertise again this year. 
We hope to have an internal whole school Cross Country race once again in November. Last years event was a huge success.
Santry Athletics meet will take place at the end of May. 
Preparation for this starts in March . PE classes are planned to prepare for Santry.

In 2018 we had numerous top 10 finishes at the Cross Country meetings throughout the year. Makon, Vuyo, Desmond and Tyler all had top 3 finishes.  Malin Idowu won a silver medal in the 100 metre sprint in Santry.

  • Mr. Dooley
  • Ms. Connolly
  • Mr. Breen